Life is too short to be slow

Markus was grown up during the unbelievable Formula 1 career of Michael Schumacher, which was responsible for his early interest in motorsports. But the first sport he did with high ambitions was cycling. In his teens Markus was very successful and could win several national street- and track cycling events. 

After five years without any sport competition, Markus did his first kart race in the age of 25. 
It was a late entry in motorsport, but now he was on fire! He used to go karting up to four days a week and worked hard on his technique, racing lines and his physical fitness. Only 12 months later he won his first sprint race and trained even harder according to his motto: "Life is too short to be slow!" Several good results in sprint- and endurance events followed soon. 
In addition Markus started to work behind the scenes of the famous VLN endurance series at the Nürburgring. For Adrenalin Motorsport he worked as a tyre technican and car chief of Norbert Fischers' Porsche 997 GT3 Cup. Later on he also was asked for tyre chief commitments by H&S Motorsport founder Oliver Schumacher. 

In 2017 Markus met Manfred Richter, the CEO of a big workshop for cars, motorcycles and campers "AMS Richter Dortmund", who believed in Markus' talent and potential. To give him the 
opportunity to prove himself, Richter founded a new motorsport team which is called "AMS Richter MOtorsport". (the MO in MOtorsport stands for Markus Ostfeld)

After a year of trying different types of racing, like circuit racing, hill climbing, stage rallies and offroad racing, Markus fell in love with rallycross! For him it's the perfect combination of everything he loves in motorsport. 2018 he did his first RX events in Valkenswaard (DNF, because of a technical error) and Schlüchtern, where he managed to get into the final with an inferior car in the class. He also did some testing  with the well known British driver coach Peter Gwynne in Silverstone during the winter break. 

2019 Markus Ostfeld is driving his first full season in the German Rallycross Championship DRX and could immediately win the first two rounds in Valkenswaard and Gründau and went second in Schlüchtern and got another win at Maasmechelen. At the beginning of September he was invited to do a RX2 Supercar Lites testing day with Oldsberg MSE, which he did well. His coach, the leading RX2 driver Oliver Eriksson loves his speed, car control and smooth driving. 

Also he has started at the seventh round of the BTRDA championship at the home of Rallycross "Lydden Hill". This special event becomes possible thanks to Heiko Paries, a former winner of the British,- and Danish RX championship, who's supporting Markus as a mentor from now on, at least it was a fourth place at this event.

During the actual winter break AMS Richter MOtorsport is developing a new car for him. It's the "Opel Astra AMS RX", which will run in the Supernational minus-, Rallycars- and Supermodified classes in the German- and also the BTRDA Rallycross Championship. Markus also tries to get back in a RX2 car for some racing action. He has an offer to drive, but needs some more sponsoring money to afford it. 
If you want to support Markus on his way up, feel free to contact him!